Kaspersky Total Security

Steps to exclude files & Folder in Kaspersky.

Step 1 : Open the Settings window

  • In the Settings tab, go to the Additional section and select Threats and exclusions in the right frame.

Step 2 : Click on Configure exclusion rules link.

Step 3 : In the exclusion rule window, click on Add Button.

Step 4 : Do the following steps to exclude files.

  1. Click on Browse... Button.

  2. Add Following paths one by one.

  • C:\Users\HP CROMA\AppData\Roaming\BizAnalystDesktop.

  • C:\Users\HP CROMA\AppData\Local\Programs\BizAnalystDesktop

  • C:\Users\HPCROMA\AppData\Local\Programs\BizAnalystDesktop\BizAnalystDesktop.exe

  • C:\Users\Public\BizAnalystDesktop\Data

3. Click Ok

Step 5 : Selection of other setting.

  • In the Protection Components section, select the checkbox for the components to which the rule will be applied.

  • Select the rule status as Active.

  • In the Add New Exclusion rule window, click Add.