Not able to find data entries in tally

Data entries did from Biz Analyst mobile app by default go into the tally optional voucher. To find optional entries in tally follow the below steps,

Step 1: Go to Gateway of tally Press D for Display then press X for Exceptional Reports and O for Optional Vouchers. Select the date of the data entry created there you can see the optional voucher created by Biz Analyst. Step 2: If you cannot find the 'Optional Vouchers' option that means the Optional vouchers settings are not ON. To enable optional vouchers be on Gateway of tally. Press F11 -> accounting features-> budget scenario management -> Reversal and optional vouchers set to YES Step 3: This voucher can be converted to a regular voucher by clicking on the Regular button Step 4: Save the voucher. Step 5: To check the entries done from biz analyst by default it will reflect in optional vouchers in Tally, If optional entry setting (data entry ->vouchers) is enable in the mobile app. Step 6: Now to view the entries you can go to D+A+L (Ledger Report) from the gateway of tally and select the ledger for the created voucher or you can also search that voucher in Daybook.

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