Create Receipt / Payment

Create Receipt / Payment entries with Biz Analyst directly into Tally

Creating Receipt entry

  1. 1.
    Tap on Create Entry button or go to SALES TEAM option
Select Receipt or Payment
2. Lets try creating a Receipt
3. Select RECEIPT and party name from list
4. Now add bank or cash ledger.
Type bank name in the Bank/Cash Name section and select the bank or cash ledger from the list.
5. Enter the amount and select the mode of payment.
6. The receipt once created will show in the receipt list for the selected date range.
7. Now this voucher will be entered in tally as an optional voucher in the next sync automatically. NOTE: By default the setting for auto import will be ON. Please refer the image below:
Click on EDIT button on the company
8. If this setting is ON, all the voucher created from Biz Analyst app will be created in tally as an optional voucher.
Auto import voucher in tally setting ON
9. If this setting is OFF, we will need to manually import the vouchers into tally.
Auto import voucher in tally setting OFF
10. To import the entries in tally manually we need to follow the below process. NOTE: The company should be open in tally for which we need to import the vouchers.
11. Now click on Pending Entries for that company in desktop app.
Click on Pending Entries
12. You will see Transaction List (1) as you have created a single entry from mobile. If you create 5 entries, you will see Transaction List (5).
13. Now click on Transaction List (1). You will see the entered receipt voucher from the mobile app here. To import this voucher in tally click on IMPORT button.
Click on IMPORT button to import the receipt in tally as an optional voucher
You can also REJECT the voucher and it will not be entered in tally and gets removed from the list
14. You can also view the details of the voucher by clicking on VIEW TRANSACTION
Click on VIEW TRANSACTION for details of the voucher
Details of the voucher
15. Now Biz Analyst will import this voucher as an optional voucher. On successful import, there will be a dialog showing Success Transactions as 1 or the number of voucher which were successfully imported. Click on OK to dismiss.
16. Now open tally and select the same company. Being on the Gateway of tally Press D for Display then press X for Exceptional Reports and O for Optional Vouchers. Select the date of the Receipt voucher created there you can see the Receipt voucher created by Biz Analyst.
Gateway of tally for the selected company
Go the Display or Press D
Go to Exceptional Reports or Press X
Go to Optional Vouchers or Press O
17. If you cannot find the 'Optional Vouchers' option that means the Optional vouchers settings is not ON. To enable optional vouchers be on Gateway of tally. Press F11.
Select Accounting Features
Select YES on this option and SAVE
The entered voucher is shown in the Exceptional Voucher list
There will be an Optional tag as shown in the image
19. This voucher can be converted to a regular voucher by clicking on the Regular button shown in the image below.
Click on the Regular option to convert the voucher from Option to Regular one
18. Save the voucher.
Save the voucher
21. Now to view the voucher you can go to D+A+L (Ledger Report) from the gateway of tally and select the ledger for the created voucher.
Search and select the ledger for which the voucher was created
Select the date range of the entered voucher
The voucher is now visible in the Ledger Report