End-to-End Encryption

Biz Analyst ensures that your data is completely secure and encrypted at all points thus helping you make great business decisions without worrying about anything else.

  • We provide complete end-end encryption of the data. The data is completely encrypted on the desktop app as well as the mobile phones. It can only be accessed by the authorised users through the Android / iOS applications.

  • The data synced from Tally is stored in a separate folder in encrypted format in your computer where Biz Analyst sync application is installed. This way it can never corrupt / change / affect your original Tally data.

  • The encrypted data is then transported to your mobile device via cloud. The decryption of this data happens on the mobile app, thus providing a complete end-end encryption of your data.

  • Additionally, the data decrypted on your phone is stored on your phone after encrypting with a personal key which will be different for each mobile device. So, if someone had access to your phone and got access to the file on your phone's file system, they would not be able to view the data. The only way of viewing the data is through the mobile application, which can successfully decrypt the data stored on your phone.

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