Add Split(new financial year) company in Biz Analyst App

If you have split your company data as per the new financial year and has confusion as to how the new company can be added in the Biz Analyst app you can refer to the below process,

Step 1: Open Tally, Open new financial year company in tally. For example as below,

Step 2: Then, Go to Biz Analyst App.

Step 3: Click on the old company i.e, Demo Company EDIT option as shown above.

Step 4: Click on Additional Settings then, Click on merge option select the new financial year company i.e, Demo B 2021 as shown below,

Step 5: Click on the Merge Company option

Step 6: Click on Merge option

Step 7: Lastly, Resync the data

Once the company gets sync you can then check the data on your mobile app.

Note: If you follow the above process you don't have to add users or assign permissions to them again in that company. All the settings will remain as it is.

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