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Custom template message

You can create custom message for outstanding reminders.
Step 1: Open application in Mobile
Mobile dashboard view
Step 2: Go into outstanding receivable. Click on the top right corner settings option.
settings option in outstanding payable or receivable
Step 3: Go to settings, then click on "MESSAGE TO SHARE".
options we get to see after clicking on setting in outstanding payable or receivable.
Step 4: You will find "DEFAULT MESSAGE" there according to your preference you can change the message and create a custom template.Just uncheck the default message option and you can add your custom message
Step 5: After that save the message. Go back to options outstanding receivable go into a particular party click on the "SHARE" option on the top right corner.
As we can see "SHARE" option on top right corner as second last option.
Step 6: After clicking on share select on "TEXT" you will find multiple share options choose accordingly.