Below are the settings for Invoice:

1. Include Batches:

On selection of this it shows Batch No. and Godown for each item.

If while taking print outs invoices are getting extended on next page > disable this option to get the invoice on same page.

2. Show GST%:

On selection of this it includes GST % column while sharing your invoice.

3. Include Narration:

On selection of this, it shows the voucher narrations in the invoice.

4. Declaration:

It gives you an option to configure the declaration to be shown in your invoice.

5. Add Bank Account:

It gives you an option to include your bank details and these details to be shown on the invoices you will share through app.

By default NO will be selected

Below that you'll get list of bank accounts you are active on > you can select any one of them.

6. Header:

It's a header option which is displayed on top of the invoice.

You can select this option to edit the header that appears on top when the invoice is shared.

7. Invoice Signature:

Here you can upload the signature to be attached in PDF invoice.

Select signature (Image) from your mobile gallery and upload it here.

Here you get the option to upload the logo of the company ( available only for Android phone till now).

When you click on this tab > you get an option to select Logo (picture) from mobile gallery,

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