Data Entry & Common queries

what ledgers we show in add ledger button in data entry.

ledgers under direct expense, indirect expense, direct income, indirect income, duties & taxes are shown in the dropdown at voucher level.

ledgers under duties & taxes are shown in dropdown at item level.

How Price list works in data entry.

If we added 3 items in voucher and for two items if the price list is SET and for third item, if the price list is not set it will show as ZERO.

Can journal entries be shared.

All journal entries can be shared and viewed from the daybook

Closing stock can be viewed to users if all godown permission is given from admin level.

Forex Exchange

we do not support this, forex exchange means customer deals in foreign currency and maintain the same in his tally so its a mix combination of Rs. and other currency we will only show data on mobile as per Rs. INR.If the whole data is in dollar or any other currency then that whole data will reflect that way but if it is a mixed currency then only the base currency data will be viewed.


If the user clicks on previous year's bill in outstanding receivable and gets a message as NO BILL DETAILS FOUND check the sync from a year in Biz analyst desktop application.

Std item, cost visible to whom

std cost and std price is seen to users(depending on all ledger group access ) in item screen but the rate and avg purchase rate will only be seen by admin

Not able to select (-) sign in the discount field of data entry

In Samsung device hyphen(-) is not easily visible user needs to install a swift keyboard or another keyboard from the play store.

In data entry Cash ledger tax calculation

In data entry when we add Cash in ledger there is no tax calculation done as there is no state maintained as in other ledger.we have to check from tally how the tax calculation is done.If the user wants to add tax then they select add ledger option.


If the voucher created from the Biz Analyst app does not match with tally series.

first, check the voucher type in tally for eg. In tally voucher type is GST Sales and if you have created a sales voucher from mobile and have not selected any voucher type then the numbering series won't match.

Please enable voucher type from data entry settings.then if you select GST sales voucher type from the dropdown list then the numbering series will match tally.

My sales net value is coming zero

Check if all the vouchers are in direct and indirect expense group if yes then we don't show this because we only show purchase and sales account groups vouchers and items without tax over there

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