Create Sales Invoice

Learn how to create sales invoice in detail from the Biz Analyst mobile app and how it will sync with Tally.

Guide to create Invoice

Open Create Sales Invoice Screen

Click on the + button on the dashboard and select 'Create Sales Invoice'. You can also create an invoice by going to the

If you are not an admin user and you do not see the 'Create Sales Invoice' option, then your admin will have to give you permissions for the same.

Add Bill Details

  1. Select the customer for whom you want to raise the invoice

  2. Select the Sales Account Ledger from your Tally

  3. Set the date of the invoice.

Invoice Numbering

In Tally, there are 2 main types of voucher numbering options:

  • Automatic:

    • If you have set the voucher numbering as Automatic, Automatic (Manual override) or Multi-user Auto, then you do not need to add the voucher number in Biz Analyst app. In this case, a voucher number will be assigned after the voucher is entered in Tally.

  • Manual:

    • If you have set the voucher numbering as Manual or None, then you have the option of setting the voucher number in the mobile app. In this case, you will have to manually manage the series number.

Add Items

You can click on the 'Add Item' button and start adding the items one by one. For each item,

  1. Select the Item Name. You will also view the closing balance of each item.

  2. Select the Godown in case you have multiple godowns. You will also be able to view the quantity available in each godown.

  3. Add any item description if you would like. This is optional.

  4. Select the Quantity, Rate and the Unit that you want to use.

  5. You can also add discount at item level.

Item Rate

Biz Analyst supports the following 3 options for setting item rate, when you choose an item. You can change the settings as per your business requirements.

  1. Last Sale Rate: This is the default option. This will be the rate at which the item was last sold to the selected customer.

  2. Standard Selling Rate:

  3. Price List:

Item Taxation (GST)

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