Android Releases


  • Profit n Loss default date issue.

  • Balance sheet value mismatch issue.

  • Non Admin user is not able to see stock journal entry in daybook.

  • App performance improvement.


  • Location Check-in/out issue.

  • Crash in Stock group screen.

  • Crash in Invoice Auto share.

  • Crash in Auto share history screen.

  • Invoice List Screen Share Excel by hierarchy.

  • Crash on party click for non admin users.


  • Bug fixes and improvements


Bug fixes:

  • App will now be available for all the tablets above android version.

  • Item name not showing in 2inch Bluetooth.

  • Data Entry: Share dialog does not come issue fixed.

  • Avg pay does not show in red when exceeds.

  • Add zar currency for South African Rand.


Bug fixes:

  • Fix the closing balance amount in ledger report screen.



  • Add Pin code for Buyer Details in Sales Order & Inventory Voucher.

  • Ledger report performance improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • Crash on ledger report.

  • Bugs and performance improvement.


Bug fixes:

  • Cash bank balance calculation issue.


Bug fixes:

  • Outstanding detail due amount calculation issue.


Bug fixes:

  • Bugs and improvements.


Bug fixes:

  • Ledger group permission issue.

  • User not able to add contact details.

  • Front camera option now available while adding attachment in check in/out.

  • Item desc. does not show while sharing invoice.



  • Improve the onboarding experience.

  • Multi-select option on payable screen now available.

Bug fixes:

  • Contact/Mobile number not showing in Sales Order.

  • Bill list not sorted by bill number issue fixed.

  • Regards message doesn’t show in outstanding detail.



  • Now send Auto Reminders on WhatsApp of the customer’s WhatsApp number.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug fixes and improvement.



  • Auto Reminder crash while setting auto reminder for multiple ledgers.

  • Issue of signature attached in pdf share.

  • Missing total word in ledger report pdf share.

  • Pending order by item does not show the list.

  • Journal entry credit issue.

  • Invoice & invoice entry pdf not showing pin-code.

  • Terms of delivery not show in order entry share.



  • Stock Category filter crash fixed.

  • App crash on ledger summary fixed.



  • Price list rate issue.

  • Bug fixes and other improvements.



  • Add Registration type on ledger.


  • Crash on setting currency.

  • Showing Empty Bank Details If customer has not selected any bank.



  • Fixed the issue of voucher total does not match while creating data entry from the app.


  • Improved visibility for data sync: Now you can see last sync details and syncing process together. 2. Introduced the customised communication design.

  • You can now customise the Auto reminder communication from the Manage Auto reminder menu on the Outstanding screen

    • Choose from multiple SMS templates or draft your own Email for sending auto-reminders

    • Enhancing the experience for Auto-Reminder frequency flow

    • You can edit Auto reminders for a specific ledger or an entire frequency


  • Now you can add email and phone numbers of your customers right from the mobile app and send auto-reminders instantly without having to add them in Tally first


  • Introducing Auto Reminders By SMS:

    • Backed by popular demand, we are glad to introduce sending of automatic outstanding reminders to your customers by SMS.

    • Similar to email outstanding reminders, you can select the customers and the frequency with which you want to send reminders and we will do the rest.


  • Introducing a redesigned app experience for better accessibility.

    • Access all your parties and items from the dashboard

    • View your outstanding reports in a separate tab with the ability to set automatic email reminders.

    • Easy access to your sales team activity reports.

  • Introducing WhatsApp Opt-in to receive important updates about the app via WhatsApp.

  • Fixed issue where item quantity did not show to set decimal places set in the decimal settings of the app


  • Now send automatic reminders by setting customized frequency for ledgers. Go to Settings -> Automatic Reminders section and configure your reminders. NOTE: Only available for subscription admins currently.

  • Now add additional details like Buyer, Consignee, Dispatch details, Order details while

    Fixed app freeze issue while creating entries for some devices

  • Improved sorting in Ledger Report

  • Smoother experience for Bluetooth printing

  • Bugs and UI fixes

9.0.3: 25-May-2021


  • Faster entry creation process with upgraded infrastructure.

  • Now you can show batch details while printing PDF from Bluetooth printers.


  • Fixed the issue of app getting freeze while creating Order Entry

  • Fixed extra space issue while printing PDF from Bluetooth printers

  • Fixed the "Loading Dashboard" issue faced by few customers.

8.4.3: 22-March-2021


  • We are glad to bring a completely redesigned experience of data entry to help you create entries faster.

  • If you want to show the check-in/check-out report, follow ups, data entries of your sales team to the sales manager, you can now do so by editing the user's permissions.

  • Added a setting in a data entry to disable discount option in invoices and order entries for your sales teams.

  • Show batch for an item in 2,3,4 inch pdf sharing

8.0.4: 24-Feb-2021


  • Added the option to share pending sales orders, purchase orders by item and ledger.

  • Fixed an issue where the reference number was not showing in data entry while creating invoices and inventory voucher entries.


  • Fixed an issue where the reference number was not showing in data entry while creating invoices and inventory voucher entries.

7.5.7: 29-Dec-2020


  • User can not create invoice/order entry if the credit limit is exceeded for the selected party if the block is enabled in setting

  • While adding an item in invoice/order, you will now only see the available batches for the selected godown.

  • Issues because of master name changed solved


  • Crash fix

  • UI and Bug fixes

6.6.3: 16-Oct-2020


  • Now, the user can not create an invoice/order if the credit limit is exceeded for the selected party if the block is enabled in setting

  • User can select a cost center while creating any voucher from the app

  • While creating an invoice, after you select a godown, you can now select a batch from the available list of batches.


  • UI and Bug fixes

6.5.4: 29-Sep-2020


  • Many customers requested us to create delivery note from the mobile app. Now you can create a delivery note and receipt note from the app. Please update your desktop and mobile app to the latest version.

  • Also, you can now create a journal entry as well.


  • UI and Bug fixes

6.4.0: 1-Sep-2020


  • Data Entry

    • Invoice Creation

      • Add Batch along with godown while adding an item in Invoice entry after enabling it from the settings.

      • Auto-select tax ledger while adding an item in the order, invoice or quotation and show warning when wrong tax ledger selected

      • Allow charge rate to be of 3 digit while adding an item (CESS, tax, charges, etc)

    • Order Creation

      • Add batch and godown while adding items

    • Ledger Creation

      • Add PAN number, VAT/TIN, Price level and bill by bill options while creating a ledger

    • Stock Item Creation

      • Add MRP, Standard Cost and Standard price options while creating a stock item

  • Check In/Check Out: Now you can upload an image from the gallery or from the camera while checking out for a ledger.


  • UI and Bug fixes

6.3.3: 11-Aug-2020


  • Now you can upload an image from gallery or from camera while checking out for a ledger. This could be useful to add specific details related to the sales person visit.

  • Now, the tax ledger will be auto-selected while adding an item in order, invoice or quotation & you will see a warning when incorrect tax ledger is selected

  • You can now add PAN number, VAT/TIN, Price level and Main bill by bill options while creating ledger.

  • Add MRP, Standard Cost & Standard price options while creating a stock item


  • You can now add 3-digit tax % for any charges (CESS, tax, charges, etc)

  • UI and Bug fixes

6.3.0: 3-Aug-2020


  • Now you can choose to add alternate quantity in rate while creating an invoice from the app.

  • Also, you can restrict your sales team from changing the rate while creating invoices or sales orders. In such cases, rate will be picked up with either from standard price, price list or last sale rate. You can configure which option you want to use from the settings.


  • Fixed issue where some customers were not able to install the app from play store.

  • Fix issue with sharing files on Android 10 devices.

  • UI and bug fixes

6.2.2: 20-July-2020


  • Stock item not getting created for primary group issue resolved. Need to have desktop version updated to 6.1.6 or higher.

  • Fixed issue of outstanding not getting calculated properly for some ledgers

  • Fixed issue where clicking on OnAccount bill in outstanding does not take to the bill detail screen

  • Fixed issue of image upload failure in One plus device

  • Other UI and bug fixes

6.1.0: 24-June-2020


  • Admin can now share all sundry ledger list with contact and address detail in party list screen

  • Restrict non admin user to take screenshot of the screens where the user is not allowed to share

  • Search voucher by cheque number in daybook screen


  • Resolved issue where batchwise closing of an item was shown wrong in case of rejection in and rejection out vouchers

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

6.0.8: 19-June-2020


  • Admin User can Share the party list with contact details and address

  • Now, you can restrict non-admin user to take screenshots of the app screens. You can edit the user permissions and set "Share" permissions as off.

  • Search vouchers by cheque number in Daybook.

  • Also, if you have not yet tried the follow up feature, here is a short video explaining the same:

    • Add follow up for a ledger and receive notification for that follow-up

    • It can be used for setting reminders for payment collection, new orders, giving tasks to your team members

Set Follow-Up Reminders and Receive Notifications


  • Fixed batch-wise closing in Rejection In/Out vouchers.

  • UI & Bug Fixes

6.0.3: 8-June-2020


  • View the godown stock value while adding an item when you create an invoice

  • View the sales person name in ledger wise check in / out report.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

6.0.0: 28-May-2020


  • Introducing Follow Up feature

    • Add follow up for a ledger and receive notification for that follow-up

    • It can be used for setting reminders for payment collection, new orders, giving tasks to your team members

  • Now get notified after the entry is successfully entered in tally

  • Get the sync status in the app and know the details when company data is not synced.

  • All option in default date settings and in the calendar option to view all your data in a single click

  • For invoices created from the app, now you can share them with logo and signature

5.4.7: 15-May-2020


  • Introducing Balance Sheet Report in the app.

  • Now you can give access to your sales team to create invoices

  • Add a setting to configure the number of digits after decimal in amount

5.3.3: 6-May-2020


  • Sales Invoice Creation Enhancements:

    • Now you can add round offs, discount, commissions, etc while creating a new invoice from the app.

    • Added a setting to capture the rate for an item from price list if you have set it up in Tally

    • Add any additional taxes at item level if required.

  • Ledger Creation Enhancements:

    • Create a new ledger by GST number. All the details will be fetched from GST portal and added in the form. This will validate the customer's GST number as well.

    • We have also added extra fields for capturing detailed ledger information which you can enable from settings.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

5.1.6: 20-Apr-2020


  • We have redesigned the invoice detail screen and added the bill payment status. You will now be able to see whether a bill is paid, unpaid or partially paid.

  • In the newly launched multi payment reminders feature, we have made your email address as CC as optional by default. If you would like to receive all these emails by CC, you will have to enable a setting for the same. ‘Settings -> Share -> Outstanding -> Add CC email in Multi Reminder’

  • You can select a customer voucher type for invoices, receipts & payments.

  • We have introduced the long standing feature request of viewing the pending sales and purchase orders by item.

    If you would like to not receive data entry emails when you create from the app, you can now disable it via setting. Settings -> Data Entry -> Voucher -> Email

  • Resolve issue of item desc not showing in invoice pdf


  • UI & Bug Fixes

5.0.7: 9-Apr-2020


  • When you create a sales invoice, now you can choose the voucher type for that sales invoice.

  • In Pending Sales Order report, now you can search pending sales orders by item in addition to ledgers.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

5.0.4: 3-Apr-2020


  • Introducing Sending Reminders to Multiple Customers. With this newly launched feature, you can just select all the parties to whom you want to send a reminder and we will send them a payment reminder by email. Whether you have 50 customers or 5000, you can follow up with them with just few taps.

  • While creating a sales invoice from the app, now you can also add item description by enabling a setting for the same.

  • In Items tab, if you want to share data by stock group or stock category, you will now see an option to share the either the stock group summary or the items along with the stock group details.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

5.0.0: 21-Mar-2020


  • Introducing Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice creation from the app. Now create sales invoices from the mobile app and they automatically sync with your Tally. Like other vouchers, these vouchers will be added as optional vouchers unless, you have explicitly changed it to be entered as regular vouchers.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.8.5: 10-March-2020


  • You can now create stock item in addition to ledgers. Only admins will be able to create stock items, however you can explicitly give permissions for the same to any user.

  • In outstanding report, you can now view the total bill amount and the pending amount in case partial payments are made.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.8.1: 29-Feb-2020


  • Create a new ledger from mobile app which will be added to Tally automatically. Click on Party tab at the bottom and then click + button at bottom right side to add a new ledger.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.7.7: 25-Feb-2020


  • More detailed Permissions to restriction items on dashboard or reports screen. If you want your sales person to view only the Outstanding Receivables report on the Dashboard, it is possible now. Similarly, if you want to show only only specific reports in Reports screen, that can be restricted as well.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.7.5: 14-Feb-2020


  • View the e-way bill details for invoices in invoice screen. (Update to the latest version of the desktop app required)

  • Check In / Check Out report is now available monthly as well.

  • You can now view Check In / Check Out report for any party

  • Restrict user to add back dated entries from user permission screen

  • View Inactive item report by stock group and stock category hierarchy

  • View Outstanding report by ledger group hierarchy

  • Now you can track user's location while creating Receipt, Payment and Quotation from the app


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.6.7: 27-Jan-2020


  • Search by order number in daybook.

  • View all the active devices for each subscription in companies screen.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.6.6: 22-Jan-2020


  • Now you can add cheque number & bank details while adding receipt and payment entries from Biz Analyst App. This will get synced with your Tally accordingly.

  • While viewing the summary of a particular customer, you can also view the number of meetings and the total time spent at the customer's place to analyse the ROI for that customer.

  • You can now view the outstanding by ledger group by the group hierarchy. If you have created a ledger group under Sundry Debtors, then you can now view the outstanding of each group and all its children.

  • Create a sales order and add item rate with tax now.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.6.3: 2-Jan-2020


  • We are glad to introduce one of the most requested features where you can now view the closing balance of stock group and stock category in Items Screen.

  • Added a setting to share the Item closing amount

  • Share Receipts and Payments List.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.6.1: 20-Dec-2019


  • Search by order number in daybook.

  • View all active devices for a subscription in companies screen.


  • Bug & UI Fixes

4.5.6: 10-Dec-2019


  • Data Entry:

    • Now you can add bills against reference while adding receipts and payments.

    • If you use sub quantity for items, you can now add them while creating orders

  • Added support for all languages while sharing data as PDF.


  • Bug & UI Fixes

4.4.0: 22-Nov-2019


  • Refer and Earn

    • Now simply share Biz Analyst to your friends and family members who use Tally with your referral link.

    • You both get 1 month free if the referred person pays.

  • Redesigned Help Center / How to Contact Us.

  • Redesigned Onboarding Experience


  • Bug & UI Fixes

4.3.0: 13-Nov-2019


  • Data Entry Permissions

    • Give permissions to who can create a sales order, receipt, payment, etc by changing the user's permissions in the users screen.

    • These permissions will be applied at the company level.

4.2.1: 24-Nov-2019


  • Now receive notification when our support team replies on any of your open tickets and stay upto date with you requests.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.1.4: 04-Oct-2019


  • Data Entry Updates:

    • Enable a setting to add entries created from mobile as regular vouchers instead of optional vouchers.

    • Add order number while creating a new order.

  • Introducing Check In / Check Out Feature:

    • Now, your team can check in and check out whenever they visit a customer's place.

    • When they do that, we will automatically

      • Geo-tag their current location

      • Capture the amount of time spent at the customer's location.

    • Benefits:

      • You can analyse the time you are spending behind each customer and co-relate that with the sales that you get.

      • Optimise your sales team routes for efficiency.


  • No tax showing while creating order if GST ledger is under a sub group of Duties & Taxes issue resolved

4.1.0: 12-Sep-2019


  • Have any questions about the app or facing any issues?

    • Now create a ticket directly from the app by clicking on the 'Question Mark' button at the bottom right and then click on 'Report an Issue'.

4.0.6: 04-Sep-2019


  • Revamped share experience for sharing outstandings, ledger report, etc by PDF, CSV, Text or Print.

  • In case of customers who sell services instead of goods, now the net sales values will reflect accordingly.

  • Data Entry:

    • Now you can share receipts & payments that you have created from the app.

    • Added a setting to add name of the sales person who created the entry in narration in Tally.

    • Overview of entries that are successfully entered, failed, rejected, pending in Tally.

    • You now update the quotations that you have created from the app. Do note that quotations do not sync with Tally.

  • Search any customer by parent group in customer list screen.

  • Add a setting to add part number in invoice pdf in invoice settings section under settings. Enabling this will show the part number column in invoice share PDF.

  • Add Ledger description in invoice share PDF. User puts some description text under charges or taxes while entering voucher in tally which is now shown in pdf


  • Issue of ledgers showing with ZERO value in outstanding report is fixed.

  • Fixed issue in inactive customer report where exporting customers with no last sale date showed 1 Jan 1970 in PDF and CSV.

4.0.4: 30-July-2019

  • Bug Fixes

4.0.2: 25-July-2019

  • Added a setting in Data entry to take item rate from the standard price or last sale rate while punching an order or quotation

  • UI and Bug fixes

4.0.0: 11-July-2019


  • Launching Data Entry. Create entries directly from the mobile app and sync with your Tally. No duplication of efforts, reduce errors, save time.

    • Sales Orders

    • Receipts

    • Purchase Orders

    • Payments


  • Resolve issues on PDF share

3.0.1: 18-May-2019


  • Add setting for showing consignee on invoice PDF share

  • Add Sierra Leone currency


  • Different timezone issue resolved

  • UI & Bug fixes, Performance Improvements

3.0.0: 29-Apr-2019


  • Bug fixes & Performance Improvements

2.6.3: 23-Apr-2019


  • In the last release, we introduced multi-select feature for outstanding sharing. In this release we have added a feature to select all bills with a single click.


  • Bug fixes & Performance Improvements

2.6.0: 1-Apr-2019


  • While sharing outstanding by PDF, Excel, text, you can now select only specific bills that you wish to share by long press on a bill and select the ones you want to share.

  • View the total amount of all the customers while sharing the outstanding list of customers


  • Fixed the subject while sharing daybook report

  • Bugs and UI changes.

2.5.5: 14-Mar-2019


  • Issue of bills overdue days not showing in outstanding bills share fixed

  • Bugs and UI changes.

2.5.4: 03-Mar-2019


  • Show amount in decimal format on all screens by adding a setting. Go to Settings -> Currency -> Check Amount in decimal to enable this.

  • Want to view your item list with negative balance? We have added a filter for Negative stock in the item list screen which will help you to keep up with the ongoing demands by restocking those items.

  • Added Malawian Kwatcha currency.

  • Showing the name of the user who has entered the voucher in voucher detail screen.

  • Added Bhutan currency.

  • Top Report: Added filter for viewing top selling items quantity wise.


  • Fixed issue of some bills not getting shared in outstanding by ledger when greater than 180 days filter is applied.

  • Bugs and UI fixes.

2.5.3: 15-Feb-2019


  • Selection option for contact name while sharing customer contact

  • Added menu shortcut for ledger report from invoice bills by ledger screen

  • Selection option for dialling a number from multiple mobile numbers in ledger information.


  • Issue fixed of customer name not showing up in group by bills

  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.5.2: 25-Jan-2019


  • Add company logo/signature in invoice Share PDF. Go to settings -> Invoice -> Company logo/Signature

  • Now you can export outstanding receivable/payable list by bills

  • Order entry: Filter data by ledger group

  • Showing post dated value in outstanding by ledger and clicking on it will show the list of post dated voucher list

  • Show ledger group wise hierarchy in receipt and payment screen

  • Drill down by ledger in invoice list screen


  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.3.1: 03-Dec-2018


  • In data entry, we have now added the ability of capturing the location of the sales person. Permission will be asked from the user for the same.

  • Added bill wise view in Sales/Purchase screen.

  • Showing average payment days while sharing outstanding pdf

  • Showing inventory closing in item list screen by alternate units also.


  • Graph showing in Indian format even if the selected settings is in millions issue is resolved.

  • Sorting issue in invoice list by bills resolved.

  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.2.5: 06-Nov-2018


  • Include On account bills in Receivable and Payable share by party.

  • Added custom date filter for Inactive items and Inactive customer report. Inactive items or customer report -> Select filter -> select Custom Date -> Select date -> List will show the items or customers inactive since that date.


  • Issue of item quantity not showing in million billion format while sharing pdf resolved

  • Issue of incorrect GST value shown when charges includes GST in invoice share pdf resolved

  • Bug fixes

2.2.2: 23-Oct-2018


  • Add Voucher type filter in Pending Sales and Pending Purchase Order.


  • Purchase account value wrong in PNL issue fixed.

  • UI Changes and bug fixes

2.2.0: 15-Oct-2018


  • Screen wise permission enabled (User can now give permission to view Dashboard, Party, Item and Reports).


  • Invoice pdf share format issue resolved.

  • Order pdf share format issue resolved.

  • Crash and bug fixes.

2.1.8: 29-Sep-2018


  • Adding HSN and GST % column in quotation share.

  • Item description in item summary screen added.

  • Showing daybook report to non admin user. But users will only be able to view Invoice, Receipt, Payment, Orders and Journal of the permitted customers.

  • Added Nigerian currency.

  • Now you can set default currency for a particular company.


  • Issue of dashboard not loading resolved.

  • Marks no and Package no issue resolved.

  • Notification issue on device with android version Oreo is resolved.

  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.1.6: 16-Sep-2018


  • Show std price/ std cost while searching for items from stock category and stock group

  • While sharing receipts/payments, bank details are also attached

  • Now you can sort by quantity in Inactive Items

  • Clicking on monthly sales item should open the sales screen for that item


  • Fixed an issue where customer last sale was not getting calculated in certain cases.

  • Fixed an edge case with receivable/payable report showing incorrect value.

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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