Merchant Payment

Onboarding user account For Merchant Payment

If Biz Analyst user wants to get their auto-reminder payment through Biz Analyst, add their Merchant payment onboarding account.

Following are steps mentioned for onboarding an account:-

Go to and sign in to that account with their email id and password.

After the sign-in Company list screen will open. and click on 'Link Account' if he did not add any Bank account with their Email.

There are 3 major steps to onboarding an account as below.

1.Add Form Details

1.1. Add personal detail and press 'Next'.

1.2. Add Business Details and press 'Next'

1.3. Add Bank details and press 'Next'

1.4. Select the mode of Payments which you want to get payments and press ‘Save and Continue’

2 Invite user By RazorPay to add all details

Login Razorpay account and click on 'Affiliated Accounts' in the sidebar.

After that Click on 'Add New Accounts'

Enter Account name and email address and click on 'Send Invite' button

If Error occur like this email is already used, take another email for the same

2.1. After that the user will get an invitation mail to create New Password as below screenshot.

To set a new password after clicking Create a Password

2.2. The user needs to login into the Razorpay account with the new password.

2.3. need to fill activation form as givens in the steps below. after that Account Activation will be done by Razorpay. To activate the account it may take 3-4 business days. If they have any query regarding why it's taking the time they should follow up with Razorpay.

Click on activate account button

Once account activation is done follow the step 3.

3. Change Setting and Configure Account

3.1. Click on Setting which is in sidebar and click in Configure Tab

3.2. Click on API Keys tab and copy Key_Id

3.2. Click on the webhook tab and enter details as following

  1. Key_id in Secret

  2. add user email Id in Alert Email

  3. Select 'Payment Events' checkbox and click on 'Create Webhook' button as showing in following screenshot

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