We are from tally or we are integrated with tally?

We are a third party application provider of the tally. Our product has been reviewed by Tally's team and is also listed on Tally's website as a recommended mobile application.

Why ODBC Code is necessary?

ODBC is one of the most reliable way suggested by Tally to fetch data from Tally to any Third Party Application

Does the app require TSS renewal?

No! The app will work even if TSS is not renewed in Tally

Does the user need to connect through Tally.net user?

No! We have created a custom application that syncs data automatically without having the user log in through tally.net

Does the Tally slow down if we install the desktop sync application?

95% of the cases we have not seen or have gotten any complains of PC slowing down. In the remaining 5% cases, we have seen it slow down if the PC configuration is not optimal (Eg. 2GB ram, old processor, 32 bit operating system) or has too many applications running on the same PC.

My Tally data is on Cloud. Can Biz Analyst show the data on mobile?

Do I need to keep Tally Server ON 24x7 to view the data?

Do we support Tally 7.2?

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