Automatic Outstanding Reminder is Biz Analyst’s latest feature that will put your business in automation mode, making your payment process smoother and hassle-free.


Please update the desktop and mobile apps to the below version to start using auto reminders.

This feature is in Beta currently and is Free for now. However, it will be a paid feature in the future.


  • Go to the Menu (Click the menu icon on the top left of the screen)

  • Click on Setting

  • Click on Auto Reminder

  • Turn on / Enable Automatic Outstanding Reminder

  • Click on '0 Ledger Selected'

    • Select the ledgers for which you want to send automatic outstanding payment reminders by email.

    • You will only be to select ledgers for which you have configured an email address in Tally.

    • For ledgers that do not have an email address configured, you can do the same in Tally first and then configure them for automatic reminders.

Note: Set the date and time for 'Automatic Outstanding Reminders' as per office working hours and ensure that your Tally and Biz Analyst Desktop App is ON when the reminders are in progress to avoid delays in the process.

You can also set auto reminder from outstanding screen.

Customize Your Reminders

  • Set auto reminder for pending bills daily, weekly, monthly

  • Set different scheduling period for different ledger

  • Additional customization includes Greeting, Message to share, Add Bank Account, Signature, Columns to share and more


  • Select a time during working hours when your computer is ON and Tally is open on your computer.

  • If you select a time when the computer is not ON, then we will not be able to send the reminders.

  • Do not select holidays (e.g. Sundays), as your office could be closed very likely on that day.


  • Biz Analyst desktop app should be connected to Tally when you are scheduling reminders

  • The Company should be open in Tally

  • We will try to send reminders up to 4hrs after the scheduled time If we are unable to send any reason, the admin user will receive an email

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