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Create Journal entry

Step 1: Got to the Sales Team option click on ALL Entries
Step 2: select JOURNAL option from the list.
Step 3: After selecting the Journal option, you will see the below screen.
Step 4 : After clicking on (+) Icon, it will ask for the Voucher no (if automatic in Tally you cant enter the number , If Manual in tally you can enter the voucher no)
Step 5:Then select the Ledgers against Debit and Credit options and you can enter Narration if any.
Click on Add Ledger
Add Ledger name and Amount in Debit and Credit side
Step 6: After clicking on Save icon, the entry will be saved and seen as below (pending =Ready to sync in tally, Success =sync in tally Failure =got rejected due to some reason.
Step 7: On Clicking the calendar icon as highlighted you can the year, monthly and date wise the Journal entries created and their status.