Company is not open in tally

Case 1: If you get the same error as below which states company is not open in tally and sync is not happening in mobile app.

Follow the below steps for resolution :

Step 1: Check if company is open in tally or not and also check if ODBC port is there or not.

Step 2: If company is not open, then open the company in tally and wait to get it sync automatically.


Case 2: If there no ODBC port configured in your tally and shows you an error as Biz Analyst not connected to Tally ERP 9,Then follow the below steps :

Step 1: Go into Tally press F12->Advance Configuration->ODBC Configuration.

Step 2: Select the following options,

Tally.ERP 9 is acting as : Server

Enable ODBC server : Yes

Port : 9000

Then Press Ctrl A to Save the setting.

Step 3: Open Biz Analyst App desktop app, Go to Settings -> Enter tally port no. as 9000 the same which was configured in tally and Save the settings company will start syncing automatically.

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