Tally is getting Slow

Tally usually does not respond when multiple instances are open in the same computer.

Tally getting slow down while syncing data with Biz Analyst following are the checklist:-

1. Total no of vouchers is high:

  • Tally stores data only on hard disk and large numbers of vouchers also slows down the tally performance .

  • The numbers of vouchers in your tally can be found by going on tally gateway and enter below mentioned shortcut keys - D + S + S

2. Multiple years of data:

  • Splitting the data as per each financial year will improve the tally performance.

  • Sync data from the required specific year.

3. Poor hardware configuration:

  • Ram - Min 4 GB , We recommend 8 GB Working on 64 bit for a operating system.

  • Processor - Multi core processor, Platinum (OLD) can be upgraded i5/i7 with 4 core for higher data base.

  • HARD DISK - 7200 + RPM is quite old, SSD for higher data base for better performance.

4. Tally license - Gold vs Silver:

  • In Multi-user environment performance of tally might be slow because parent computer is the main system and rest are user or remote desktop for tally.

5. Deleted vouchers frequency:

  • Avoid deleting vouchers frequently , use cancel option instead

  • Change deleted voucher mins to 480 mins

6. Change sync frequency:

  • Change sync frequency to 120 mins

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