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When will Auto-reminders become a paid feature?
  • Auto-reminders via SMS and Whatsapp will require BizA Coins 5th December 2022 onward.

  • You can purchase Coins before 5th Dec, but Coins will only be debited for auto-reminders from your wallet from 5th December.

  • Auto-reminders via Email will remain free of cost post-5th December.

How can I use Biz Analyst Coins?

Currently, Coins can be used for sending Auto-reminders via SMS and Whatsapp. Stay tuned, we're bringing many more exciting features your way to use Coins!

What is the value of a Biz Analyst Coin?

1 Biz Analyst Coin = 1 Indian Rupee

What is the cost of sending an SMS and Whatsapp

1 SMS = 0.15 Coin & 1 Whatsapp = 0.65 Coin

Where can I check my Biz Analyst Coin balance?
What is the validity of my Biz Analyst coins?

The validity of your Biz Analyst Coins is 12 months from the date of credit. For every purchase of coins, you can view the expiry date of the Coins in the 'Purchase History' section in your Wallet.

What happens when an Auto-reminder via SMS or Whatsapp fails to deliver?

Coins are debited from your wallet at the time of sending auto-reminders via SMS and Whatsapp. If the delivery to a particular number fails due to a technical failure, the debited coin(s) for those numbers are refunded.

How is the cost of sending an auto-reminder calculated?

The one-time cost of sending an auto-reminder depends on

  1. Number of parties selected for the auto-reminder

  2. Mode of reminder selected - Whatsapp/SMS

  3. Number of mobile numbers added per party per mode

Can I claim a refund on my unused Coins balance?

Unfortunately, we don't support refunds for any unused Coin balance at the moment.

What happens when my subscription expires but I have unused Coin balance?

In case your subscription expires and you have unused Coin balance, your Coins would be valid until the date of expiry of your Coins. You can resume using your Coin balance upon renewal of your Biz Analyst subscription.

How can I purchase more coins?

You can purchase more Coins from the Wallet screen by clicking on 'Purchase Coins' on the Wallet screen. Please note, currently only admin users can purchase coins.

Where can I see my purchase history?

You can access your purchase history by clicking on 'View Purchase History' on the wallet screen.

How can I get the invoice for my purchase of Coins?

You can download the invoice for all your coin purchases from the 'Purchase history' screen.

Where can I see my coin expense history?

You can view your coin credit/debit details in the 'Coin Statement' section on the Wallet screen.

How can I reduce my Whatsapp, and SMS cost?

You can disable the number of contact details enabled at SMS/Whatsapp level for a party. You can do this by accessing the Outstanding Tab > Manage Auto Reminders > Manage Contacts

Can I transfer coins to another subscription?

Unfortunately, we don't support transfer of Coins to another subscription.

I purchased Coins but my wallet balance is not updated yet.

Usually, it takes a few minutes for the Coin balance to be updated post a successful transaction. If your Coin balance has still not been updated and your payment was successful, please raise a ticket or call the support team for further assitance.

Can I use the wallet balance for multiple companies added in a subscription?

Yes. If you have multiple companies added in a BizA subscription, your wallet balance will be shared amongst all the companies. You do not need to recharge separately for each company. Please note, only admin users can purchase coins.

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