My 1st device is lost/damaged, can i use the existing subscription on my new device?

Yes! Just sign-in in the new device with same id and password you had created for Biz Analyst.

How do i see my second tally data on the same biz analyst subscription?

To see the second tally data on the same device, you need to install the Biz Analyst desktop application on the second system, sign-in with the same id and password that you have used for the first tally location, and then add the companies of second tally data in the desktop app. However, our pricing is per device / per Tally license. So in this case, you will have to pay for extra devices for the second location as well.

I am looking for a very specific feature which is missing in the app. Can Biz Analyst add that feature?

Yes, we can but would also depend on the complexity of the feature that is requested and the number of users requesting for the same feature. We recommend our users to request the feature they are looking for directly from the mobile app. The feature gets added to our pipeline and our development team looks into it every week before planning out tasks for the next week.

What if user wants to change the mobile phone?

User can change the mobile phone at any point in time. User just has to uninstall the app from the first mobile and can then sign-in in the new device. If the user has lost the mobile device, then in that case we will be providing a way to remove the app data from all active devices and then the user can sign-in into the new device

How does it work in case of multiple users/locations?

If a client has multiple locations, data from all the locations can be given on one mobile phone.

Partner will have to install the desktop app in all the locations with the same login id and password and add the respective companies in each desktop app.

However, user will have to pay for each location, since our pricing is per device, per tally license.

Is it possible for get data back from Biz Analyst if my Tally data is lost or got corrupted?

We only sync limited data/fields from Tally which we want to show it on the mobile app. So putting the data back might not give 100% result in Tally. Secondly, we do not have any database stored on the server through which the data can be pulled back. Thirdly, the key to decrypt the data is stored on the mobile device only and only at the mobile device, data can be viewed, thus making it not possible to reverse the data. Lastly, to provide another level of data security, we have decided not to provide this as a solution.

Where is my Data stored?

Currently, the data is stored at 3 places, PC where the Desktop app is installed, On our Server which is hosted on AWS, and lastly on the mobile device. At all the 3 locations, data is stored completely in Encrypted format, making it impossible for anyone to read the data.

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