Automatic Outstanding Reminder

Automatic Outstanding Reminder is a highly requested feature that we have introduced on popular demand. This feature will help our customers get paid on time, avoid payment delays, and use technology to make their work hassle-free. This addition lets you put your business in auto mode, improve your cash flow, and grow your business. Automatic Outstanding Reminder is one of those features that will change the way you do your business by making your business process smoother, faster, and more efficient.

Here are a few benefits of using this feature

Get Paid Faster - When your customers receive timely reminders, you get paid faster

Automate your business - Reduce your efforts and work smartly buy setting the reminder once and letting the app do all the work for you

Improve profit - Getting paid on time not only helps your profit but also helps your cashflow and business growth

Customization - Send reminders daily, weekly, monthly, or when the bill is due as per your preference and set a custom reminder schedule for each customer


· Currently available FREE ON BETA mode and on-demand

· Compatible with Android and iOS

Note: Set the date and time for 'Automatic Outstanding Reminders' as per office working hours and ensure that your Tally and Biz Analyst Desktop App is ON when the reminders are in progress to avoid delays in the process.

How to Enable and Set Automatic Outstanding Reminder ?

How to set up Automatic Outstanding Reminders?

Please click here to learn how to setup.

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