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Please refer the video for installation process .


Download the Biz Analyst Desktop application from here


Double click the setup file downloaded from the link above and the rest is handled on its own. The application should start by itself after installation is completed and a shortcut is created on your computer desktop.

You can also refer the below mentioned link for Installation Video

1. Sign up

Fill in the Sign up form on the Biz Analyst Desktop application and click on sign up button. If you have already signed up from the Biz Analyst Desktop or Mobile application then just Sign in.

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If you downloaded the Biz Analyst Desktop application by yourself from the website then click "Skip" button.

2. Sign in

  • You will see this screen if you have signed up before with Biz Analyst. Enter your password that you used while creating the account.

  • If you do not remember your password, you can click on the Forgot Password link.

  • Enter your email address. Use the same email address if you have previously signed up.

3. Tally configuration

  • Connect your Tally to Biz Analyst by following instructions here.

  • If your Tally is open and the port number is set to 9000, Biz Analyst Application will automatically detect and save the configuration else you will need to put in your appropriate port number.

  • Open your companies in "Tally" which you want to sync to your phone.

Add company to Biz Analyst

On this screen you should see the companies open in "Tally ERP 9" select the companies. Now click on Add button

Company added in Biz Analyst

You should now see the below screen, Select timezone also you can select from which month and year you want your data to be synced click Done button which should take you to the Home Screen.

Save company in Biz Analyst click on Done.

Now, Go into My Companies there you can find your added company. Sync process will start in a sec and it might take sometime depending upon the tally data.

Once your company data gets sync you will get a below pop up message.

After this if you have downloaded the app on your mobile phone you will be able to access your company data.

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