Can we sync 150 companies at a time?

Yes you can, but the performance on the phone will be affected as the data for each company will be stored in your app and syncing of 150 companies will happen in your app as well.

Do we need to open up the companies in Tally to sync the data?

Yes, you need to open up all your companies in tally for it to sync with Biz Analyst. Also do make sure that all the companies are open in the same Tally where ODBC is enabled. If the companies are open in separate Tally within the same PC, then it will only sync the company that is open in Tally with the ODBC enabled.

I currently have 2 Tally licenses, installed at different locations. Can I get the data of both the locations in one mobile app?

Yes, you can get the data from both the locations in one app itself. You need to install the Desktop app on both the locations and sign-in with the same email-id and password. Companies from both the locations will get synced and show within the same app in your mobile. Please do note that our subscription charges are per device, per Tally License.

Do we need to keep Tally open to see my data on my mobile?

No, Tally needs to be open along with the companies to be synced only for the new data vouchers to sync. Once they are synced from the desktop app and then synced to your mobile, you can view the data in our mobile app at any point in time even without internet on your phone.

Will my Tally application become slow if I download this app?

It wont slow down if you have minimum required hardware configuration in your system (Eg. 4GB Ram, 64bit operating system). However, if it does, please do contact our support team and we can help figure out certain ways to make it faster.

My deleted or cancelled vouchers doesn't get synced instantly?

By default, Desktop app checks for Deleted vouchers every 60 mins. Syncing of deleted vouchers is a slow process which is why we sync every 60 mins. However, if user wants to sync it more frequently then it can be changed in the desktop app to as low as 1 min.

We recommend the users to "Cancel" the voucher instead of "Deleting" the voucher in Tally as "Cancelled Vouchers" can be synced instantaneously and will reflect immediately in the app as well.

How many Companies can be added on the mobile app? Is there any limitation?

No there are no limitations on the number of companies that can be synced from the desktop app and viewed on the mobile device.

We does Biz Analyst work if we use RDP connection / Think-Line / Tally on Cloud?

If you are using RDP, then you can install Biz Analyst Desktop app on any of the computers (Server / Client). Tally assigns ODBC port to the first PC that will open up Tally and our desktop app will read/sync data from that computer which has the ODBC port enabled.

In Settings, you need to put the IP address of the server instead of "localhost" to sync the data.

Does Biz Analyst support customisation done in Tally?

Currently, we do not read any customisation / custom fields (UDF) added via TDL in the mobile app. Our application supports the basic version of Tally without any customisation.

Can Biz Analyst sync data from my personal server?

No! We will not be able to sync data from any other server, since it will be almost impossible to write different APIs to fetch data from different server.

Also constant updates are required for managing the server and the database which will not be possible if data is managed separately at client’s server.

Finally, we will have no control if the client server is down and the client in that case will not be able to use Biz Analyst. It would also be not possible for us to physically support maintenance of client’s server as well.

How much time will it take to sync the data?

If ODBC port is enabled, will it affect my Tally data?

How do we sync data from Tally?

Does the Desktop App autostart or does we need to start manually everyday?