Android / IOS

Can I create separate logo for each company in the app?


First select the company from the Menu / More Screen > Companies

Then, Go to Menu / More Screen > Settings > Invoice Settings > Company Logo

Do I have to create signature 14 times if I have 14 companies synced in the app?

Why is the last synced date in the mobile app and desktop app different?

Biz Analyst Desktop app keeps checking for new data in the PC every 5 mins or whatever sync frequency user has set. Biz Analyst automatically sync so you will always see the difference of time in device

What is the Difference between Std Price, Std Cost & Avg Purch Price?

Std Price is the MRP / Selling Price of the product

Std Cost is the Purchase price of the product

Avg. Purchase Price is the current Inventory Value / Quantity in Stock.

Does Outstanding include post date cheques?

Yes! Outstanding amount showing up in the app includes amount from Post Dated entries as well.

Where can we view post dated cheques (PDC) & its total amount?

Go to Outstanding Receivables > Select a Ledger to see its PDC amount. Click on the PDC amount to see the complete details of all the PDC Vouchers.

What happens if I logout on Android / IOS?

In case a user logouts, all the data gets wiped off from the device and if the user logins again, all the data will get re-downloaded again in the mobile device.

What are the different things by which I can search in Daybook?

Invoice no, Ref no, Voucher Type, Voucher Amount, Ledger name etc.

How much memory will ur app consume?

We have observed that around 50000 vouchers in your tally consumes around 50-100 MB on your mobile device. We compress the data and only show limited information on the app, thus utilising very limited space in the mobile.

My creditor is showing in Receivable. How is that possible?

There are 2 scenarios in which this can happen, causing the amount to show up as Receivable in the app:

  • Advance payment to a Supplier, but no purchase bill is entered.

  • Debit note made to a supplier, but payment not received yet.

How much internet will my phone consume?

Each voucher size is less than 1-2 kb. So the internet consumption will be very minimal.

I do not get any notification in my Iphone?

iPhone does not allow any process to run in the background for more than 30 secs, thus limiting the application to generate any in-app notification.

Is internet compulsory on my phone and in my PC?

Internet Connection is only needed to sync new data (vouchers) on both PC and mobile. Once the data is synced on the mobile device, it can be used even without internet.

How many places can I see sales by Item???

What is the concept of cost centre? What reports are we showing in the app?

In what scenario is Min Order & Reorder level used?

How much battery will the app consume?

What features do we have that are not in Tally?