We are from tally or we are integrated with tally?

We are third party application provider of tally. Our product has been reviewed by Tally’s team and is also listed on Tally’s website as a recommended mobile application.

After installing Biz Analyst, my battery is getting consumed a lot.

We request you to go to your Phone Settings, Click on Battery and Check the battery consumption percentage used by each app. If Biz Analyst is among-st the top ones consuming your battery, we would request you to send us the screenshot along with your device details.

Restore Data to Tally

No. Biz Analyst fetches limited information from Tally to show on the mobile. We do that so that your Tally can run optimally and also the storage space on your mobile is as minimal as possible.

Since, we do not have all the data, we cannot restore your Tally data automatically.

However, since you would have all the vouchers synced to your mobile, you can manually create the entries using Biz Analyst mobile app from the point of your last backup.

Can we sync 150 companies at a time?

Yes you can, but the performance on the phone will be affected as the data for each company will be stored in your app and syncing of 150 companies will happen in your app as well.

You charge on number of companies?

No, We don’t charge based on the number of companies you have in one Tally. Our subscription charges are per Device per Tally License.

Can we install biz analyst in Iphone 5 & 5s?

Yes you can! However, your IOS version should be 9 & above.

Do we need to open up the companies in tally to sync my data?

Yes, you need to open up all your companies in tally for it to sync with Biz Analyst. Also do make sure that all the companies are open in the same Tally where ODBC is enabled. If the companies are open in separate Tallys within the same PC, then it will only sync the company that is open in Tally with the ODBC enabled.

If I change my mobile or number, Do I need to pay again? Also will my data will be lost?

No, you dont have to pay again and neither your data will be lost. All you have to do is Download the app again from the app store / play store and login with the email-id and password you have created for Biz Analyst. All your data will get re-downloaded in your app.

I currently have 2 Tally licenses, installed at different locations. Can I get the data of both the locations in one mobile app?

Yes, you can get the data from both the locations in one app itself. You need to install the desktop app on both the locations and sign-in with the same email-id and password. Companies from both the locations will get synced and show within the same app in your mobile. Please do note that our subscription charges are per device, per Tally License.

How can I see my Outstandings in the mobile app?

Open up your mobile app, Go to Dashboard > Click on Outstanding Receivables.

Why Profit and Loss without opening and closing stock

Adding opening and closing stock values is computationally intensive and report generation on a mobile phone can be really time consuming. As a result we have skipped the same. We are looking into ways of providing the best user experience for the same.