Data Security

Biz Analyst provides completely data security in 6 ways and ensures that no one else can see your data and you cannot see anyone else's data.

End-to-end Encryption

Biz Analyst ensures that your data is completely secure and encrypted at all points thus helping you make great business decisions without worrying about anything else.

  • We provide complete end-end encryption of the data. The data is completely encrypted on the desktop app as well as the mobile phones. It can only be accessed by the authorised users through the Android / iOS applications.

  • The data synced from Tally is stored in a separate folder in encrypted format in your computer where Biz Analyst sync application is installed. This way it can never corrupt / change / affect your original Tally data.

  • The encrypted data is then transported to your mobile device via cloud. The decryption of this data happens on the mobile app, thus providing a complete end-end encryption of your data.

  • Additionally, the data decrypted on your phone is stored on your phone after encrypting with a personal key which will be different for each mobile device. So, if someone had access to your phone and got access to the file on your phone's file system, they would not be able to view the data. The only way of viewing the data is through the mobile application, which can successfully decrypt the data stored on your phone.

User Login

  • Secondly, the data getting uploaded and downloaded is connected to the email address and password you have created (similar to how you use your Email)

  • User with not be able to login in the app without this credentials

  • User credentials are completely encrypted and stored on the server as well.

OTP (One time password)

  • We have also built 2 factor verification as an added security for all the users.

  • User will require an OTP to login which will come on the registered mobile number.

  • This will ensure that no other user can login into Biz Analyst, since only you will get the OTP (similar to your Banking applications)

New Device Registration: Notification

  • If any other person gets your email id, password and even the OTP then immediately we will send you an email stating that someone has logged in into Biz Analyst mobile app using your credentials.

  • We will send you the device details of the user who has logged with your credentials.

  • This is similar to how Gmail sends you notification as soon as you login into Gmail into any device.

Pass Code

  • We also provide a passcode feature on the mobile app, that allows you to set a passcode for your application.

  • Once set, User will not be able to open the Biz Analyst mobile app without the passcode.

  • If incorrect password is entered 10 times consecutively, then the data on your phone is deleted for security reasons.

Data Deletion

  • Lastly, you can remotely wipe off the data from the system at any point in time.

  • This functionality is available on the desktop app.

  • Deleting the company will remove all the data from the PC, Server and from the mobile app instantaneously.