When you signed in, you will get this page of Partner portal.

  1. On top of the page your Company name.

  2. Below that you will find your Partner code which is unique eg. ASHWIN

  3. Below partner code you will see Mobile share URL - This is the URL which partners need to share with their users so that user will be added under their partner code and will be shown in their portal. Next to URL copy option is given.


You can find your user by filtering it with user name / lead owner name / lead status.

  • You get an option of exporting list in Excel (.xml) format.

Find A user:

To tag any new user with your partner code you can use this option:

  • You need to enter email address of the user.

  • If user is already tagged with some other partner code you will get a pop up message showing that user is already tagged under another partner and partner has to contact us if he want to tag that particular user under him. (partner has to ask customer to email us on : for the changing the partner code)

  • There will be list of users on this page, which shows user name - User email ID - Phone number - Status of lead - Expiry date for user subscription - Joining date ( when user installed app) - sales person name - actions ( customer gets an option to activate user) that is to tag user under his name.

  • When partner clicks on particular user, he can make changes to user details.

  1. He can change lead status ( Installation complete / Payment Pending / Closed / Blocked).

  2. Lead closing reason ( Paid / High pricing / Not Interested / Not on Tally / Extra user / Duplicate user).

  3. Change Sales person name.

  4. Mention comment which he can refer for future. Click on update to save changes.

Lead closing status can be

  1. Paid- if user has paid and subscribed.

  2. Not Interested - if user shows no interest to buy.

  3. High Price - if user thinks price is expensive.

  4. Other - other reasons which partner can mention in comments.