Android Releases

4.4.0: 22-Nov-2019


  • Refer and Earn

    • Now simply share Biz Analyst to your friends and family members who use Tally with your referral link.

    • You both get 1 month free if the referred person pays.

  • Redesigned Help Center / How to Contact Us.

  • Redesigned Onboarding Experience


  • Bug & UI Fixes

4.3.0: 13-Nov-2019


  • Data Entry Permissions

    • Give permissions to who can create a sales order, receipt, payment, etc by changing the user's permissions in the users screen.

    • These permissions will be applied at the company level.

4.2.1: 24-Nov-2019


  • Now receive notification when our support team replies on any of your open tickets and stay upto date with you requests.


  • UI & Bug Fixes

4.1.4: 04-Oct-2019


  • Data Entry Updates:

    • Enable a setting to add entries created from mobile as regular vouchers instead of optional vouchers.

    • Add order number while creating a new order.

  • Introducing Check In / Check Out Feature:

    • Now, your team can check in and check out whenever they visit a customer's place.

    • When they do that, we will automatically

      • Geo-tag their current location

      • Capture the amount of time spent at the customer's location.

    • Benefits:

      • You can analyse the time you are spending behind each customer and co-relate that with the sales that you get.

      • Optimise your sales team routes for efficiency.


  • No tax showing while creating order if GST ledger is under a sub group of Duties & Taxes issue resolved

4.1.0: 12-Sep-2019


  • Have any questions about the app or facing any issues?

    • Now create a ticket directly from the app by clicking on the 'Question Mark' button at the bottom right and then click on 'Report an Issue'.

4.0.6: 04-Sep-2019


  • Revamped share experience for sharing outstandings, ledger report, etc by PDF, CSV, Text or Print.

  • In case of customers who sell services instead of goods, now the net sales values will reflect accordingly.

  • Data Entry:

    • Now you can share receipts & payments that you have created from the app.

    • Added a setting to add name of the sales person who created the entry in narration in Tally.

    • Overview of entries that are successfully entered, failed, rejected, pending in Tally.

    • You now update the quotations that you have created from the app. Do note that quotations do not sync with Tally.

  • Search any customer by parent group in customer list screen.

  • Add a setting to add part number in invoice pdf in invoice settings section under settings. Enabling this will show the part number column in invoice share PDF.

  • Add Ledger description in invoice share PDF. User puts some description text under charges or taxes while entering voucher in tally which is now shown in pdf


  • Issue of ledgers showing with ZERO value in outstanding report is fixed.

  • Fixed issue in inactive customer report where exporting customers with no last sale date showed 1 Jan 1970 in PDF and CSV.

4.0.4: 30-July-2019

  • Bug Fixes

4.0.2: 25-July-2019

  • Added a setting in Data entry to take item rate from the standard price or last sale rate while punching an order or quotation

  • UI and Bug fixes

4.0.0: 11-July-2019


  • Launching Data Entry. Create entries directly from the mobile app and sync with your Tally. No duplication of efforts, reduce errors, save time.

    • Sales Orders

    • Receipts

    • Purchase Orders

    • Payments


  • Resolve issues on PDF share

3.0.1: 18-May-2019


  • Add setting for showing consignee on invoice PDF share

  • Add Sierra Leone currency


  • Different timezone issue resolved

  • UI & Bug fixes, Performance Improvements

3.0.0: 29-Apr-2019


  • Bug fixes & Performance Improvements

2.6.3: 23-Apr-2019


  • In the last release, we introduced multi-select feature for outstanding sharing. In this release we have added a feature to select all bills with a single click.


  • Bug fixes & Performance Improvements

2.6.0: 1-Apr-2019


  • While sharing outstanding by PDF, Excel, text, you can now select only specific bills that you wish to share by long press on a bill and select the ones you want to share.

  • View the total amount of all the customers while sharing the outstanding list of customers


  • Fixed the subject while sharing daybook report

  • Bugs and UI changes.

2.5.5: 14-Mar-2019


  • Issue of bills overdue days not showing in outstanding bills share fixed

  • Bugs and UI changes.

2.5.4: 03-Mar-2019


  • Show amount in decimal format on all screens by adding a setting. Go to Settings -> Currency -> Check Amount in decimal to enable this.

  • Want to view your item list with negative balance? We have added a filter for Negative stock in the item list screen which will help you to keep up with the ongoing demands by restocking those items.

  • Added Malawian Kwatcha currency.

  • Showing the name of the user who has entered the voucher in voucher detail screen.

  • Added Bhutan currency.

  • Top Report: Added filter for viewing top selling items quantity wise.


  • Fixed issue of some bills not getting shared in outstanding by ledger when greater than 180 days filter is applied.

  • Bugs and UI fixes.

2.5.3: 15-Feb-2019


  • Selection option for contact name while sharing customer contact

  • Added menu shortcut for ledger report from invoice bills by ledger screen

  • Selection option for dialling a number from multiple mobile numbers in ledger information.


  • Issue fixed of customer name not showing up in group by bills

  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.5.2: 25-Jan-2019


  • Add company logo/signature in invoice Share PDF. Go to settings -> Invoice -> Company logo/Signature

  • Now you can export outstanding receivable/payable list by bills

  • Order entry: Filter data by ledger group

  • Showing post dated value in outstanding by ledger and clicking on it will show the list of post dated voucher list

  • Show ledger group wise hierarchy in receipt and payment screen

  • Drill down by ledger in invoice list screen


  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.3.1: 03-Dec-2018


  • In data entry, we have now added the ability of capturing the location of the sales person. Permission will be asked from the user for the same.

  • Added bill wise view in Sales/Purchase screen.

  • Showing average payment days while sharing outstanding pdf

  • Showing inventory closing in item list screen by alternate units also.


  • Graph showing in Indian format even if the selected settings is in millions issue is resolved.

  • Sorting issue in invoice list by bills resolved.

  • Bugs and UI fixes


2.2.5: 06-Nov-2018


  • Include On account bills in Receivable and Payable share by party.

  • Added custom date filter for Inactive items and Inactive customer report. Inactive items or customer report -> Select filter -> select Custom Date -> Select date -> List will show the items or customers inactive since that date.


  • Issue of item quantity not showing in million billion format while sharing pdf resolved

  • Issue of incorrect GST value shown when charges includes GST in invoice share pdf resolved

  • Bug fixes

2.2.2: 23-Oct-2018


  • Add Voucher type filter in Pending Sales and Pending Purchase Order.


  • Purchase account value wrong in PNL issue fixed.

  • UI Changes and bug fixes

2.2.0: 15-Oct-2018


  • Screen wise permission enabled (User can now give permission to view Dashboard, Party, Item and Reports).


  • Invoice pdf share format issue resolved.

  • Order pdf share format issue resolved.

  • Crash and bug fixes.

2.1.8: 29-Sep-2018


  • Adding HSN and GST % column in quotation share.

  • Item description in item summary screen added.

  • Showing daybook report to non admin user. But users will only be able to view Invoice, Receipt, Payment, Orders and Journal of the permitted customers.

  • Added Nigerian currency.

  • Now you can set default currency for a particular company.


  • Issue of dashboard not loading resolved.

  • Marks no and Package no issue resolved.

  • Notification issue on device with android version Oreo is resolved.

  • Bugs and UI fixes

2.1.6: 16-Sep-2018


  • Show std price/ std cost while searching for items from stock category and stock group

  • While sharing receipts/payments, bank details are also attached

  • Now you can sort by quantity in Inactive Items

  • Clicking on monthly sales item should open the sales screen for that item


  • Fixed an issue where customer last sale was not getting calculated in certain cases.

  • Fixed an edge case with receivable/payable report showing incorrect value.

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.